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You Bleed a False Confidence

I hope I made you feel uncomfortable about yourself. I hope you could not bare to look at your own filthy reflection. That is the least you deserve after all your manipulative games. I have sensed how unhappy you are... Continue Reading →

You’re Critical of Me

You say I’m amazing and boring in the same breath. You’re critical of me. Almost a bully. I’ve fallen in love with a bully. Yet, through the confusion I’ve fallen in love with myself. What you say of me just... Continue Reading →

I’ll Go Wherever You Are

There seems to be an exchange of strength every time I see you. I was feeling frustrated and helpless. Trying so hard to do the mental work and bring my thoughts higher, but now when I think back on it.... Continue Reading →

Either Way, You Win

  Of course I am afraid to lose you. To lose the physical aspect of you. To see you and touch you and hear you. Sometimes the aching lost consumes my heart. I am wrong to anticipate your leaving, but... Continue Reading →

Free Spirited Foundation

  I am in love with the way the morning air feels. Endlessly, we speak about the refreshment of beginning a new day. I feel it is more than a concept. It is a deep feeling of starting new. A... Continue Reading →

Amazed by my Poise

You want to drag me down there with you and say, “I just want you to be mad, like me.” The manipulation behind that simple sentence has me questioning your protection of me. Don’t we all just want to feel... Continue Reading →

I Want to Write About Love Today

I want to write about love today, but the free flowing feelings of it are somewhat stagnant. And truly, love should not be associated with hard work. I would not want to try so hard with something that should feel... Continue Reading →

Meet Me in the Depths of My Mind

Many times I imagine myself sitting across from you with my hair draped over my shoulders and my body still dressed in sleeping clothes. My legs are crossed and my hands are in yours and I imagine feeling in love.... Continue Reading →

Consciously Trapped

  Why am I labeled irresponsible if I do not follow the guidelines ultimately set for society? I am encouraged to follow my heart, but am made to feel guilty when I do. I have realized how guidelines, rules and... Continue Reading →

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